7 Perspectives on Leadership

At a time when boundaries are blurring and responsibilities are shifting, executives face the challenge of developing a new and adaptive way of leadership.

Based on years of experience, in this book five senior executive coaches offer seven perspectives to further develop your executive leadership and increase your effectiveness. Each chapter contains practical examples, theoretical frameworks, useful methodologies and reflection questions. Finally, the final chapter offers tools for finding a good executive coach. Discover how to leave a lasting mark on the future of your organisation and yourself.


Good intentions alone will not get you there, as ‘Seven perspectives on leadership’ once again makes clear. You have to work hard as a leadership team. Every day, and first and foremost on yourself. The compilation of insights from experienced executive coaches invites you to do so. With theoretical frameworks, but also with great practical examples. As a leader, this book challenges you to look in the mirror sincerely and with self-mockery. – Annette Mosman, CEO APG and Top Woman of the Year 2022.

We have to run faster and faster to reach our destination. This book offers leaders multiple perspectives on how to do things differently and better. – Lucas van Wees, director world HR Organisation WFPMA.

This is a good guide and handhold for the executive himself to reflect and develop on this as well as where an executive coach can help and coach the respective executive/manager. Highly recommended. – Edu Peek, managing director ISS Facility Services Netherlands.

An interesting book by five executive coaches for the leaders of complex organisations anno nowadays from (seven) different perspectives. With this task and all the uncertainties, how can you, as a leader, keep focus and make impact? This book provides tips for this leader and also who can be of good help in doing so. – Jannie Riteco, Board of Directors Zorggroep Almere.