Sonja on the TEDx stage on 20th March

In two months, Sonja will be standing on this red dot @TEDxTwenteU. Join her and her fellow speakers online on 20 March 2021.

To make your experience even more interactive, you will receive a gift box with props that the speakers will use.

Buy your tickets here for just €5.

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The theme of TEDxTwenteU 2021 is Outsmarting Ourselves, inspired by human beings’ ceaseless quest for solutions to the optimization of every aspect of society.

❓How can we provoke more advancements amongst humankind?
❓How can we harmonize with other living beings?
❓How can we truly comprehend our inner-self?
❓How can we apprehend the dynamics of our surroundings?

Millions of matters are questioned on a regular basis, yet on a varied scale, by ordinary civilians or by specializing researchers. Nevertheless, they all gravitate towards one single pursuit: to improve, to enhance, and to excel.