NEW BOOK: Leading in a Wicked World 🌍

Our new book, Leading in a Wicked World is now available, everywhere!

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Our story started at Hult Ashridge, in March 2020, where Matthias Schramm and I (together with our dear cohort friends) started the final year of our Executive Coaching Master. Due to Covid, that turned out to be the only time we saw each other in the flesh.

Over the years, we always kept in touch. Every other week, we spoke on Zoom on how Covid-19 was affecting our lives and our work. We spoke about the “wicked world” we live in, how leaders in our organisations were dealing with it, the mental health and supply chain issues we saw people dealing with and we spoke about our dreams. Our ambition to create a good place for our children, all four hockey players albeit field and ice hockey.

We started writing our stories down, as we believed there might be something interesting in it that we could share. We spoke about stories of the past, reread the Wizard of Oz with our children, watched The Matrix, Space Odyssey and Barbie and in The Hague, I couldn’t escape the wonderful and amazing work of M.C. Esther in ‘23.

Since we both work in English but felt that our vocabulary and writing tone could benefit from some improvement, we decided to reach out to editors. And there was Dara Colwell, who was busy renovating her house in Portugal and needed something intellectual next to it. We were so happy with her translation of our texts into proper, readable English. And it was so much fun to work with her 🙌

As we believe a book needs inspiring illustrations, we searched for some talented artists. Who we found! The wonderful Sebastian Samariter and Corinna Ehl truly understood the magical vibe we wanted to add to the book. In the coming weeks, we will share more about these and the stories behind the images. Thank you so much dear both!

Only in February, Matthias and I saw each other for the second time. And Dara could join us for a nice meal in an Italian restaurant in Arnhem.

And last Monday, the book came off the production line. What a feeling!

We are now ready to share our story with the world. A story where you will be invited to follow the path of the white rabbit, which in the end turns out to be your own path. A story filled with references from known and unknown scientists, linkages to famous fairytales and questions for you to follow your own, your inner compass.

We are very interested in your insights after reading the book and will create an interactive space for that, both online and offline.

The book is available throughout our whole wicked world, starting here:

Thanks for being with me on this journey Matthias Schramm, and for the fun and inspiration along the way.

It’s time to dance with the wicked world 💃